Welcome to my executive coaching website. I specialise in helping professionals navigate the complex challenges of today's rapidly evolving business landscape. In an era marked by the digitalisation of work practices and the rise of hybrid and remote working, organisations are grappling with new obstacles that require innovative solutions. Moreover, employees are facing difficulties in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, while simultaneously seeking career realignment and reskilling opportunities. Additionally, building employee resilience, managing stress, optimizing time, and successfully leading transformational change have become critical priorities. As an executive and life coach, I employ a neuroscience-based approach to empower individuals to thrive amidst these challenges. By leveraging the latest insights from the field of Neuroscience, I guide my clients in enhancing their self-awareness, developing effective strategies, and maximizing their leadership potential.

An appointment can be made for coaching sessions using the button on the right or by phone or email. Sessions take place in person or on Zoom.  Please email or telephone if the appointment time you require is not available as I may have a late cancellation.

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